How Have Boston Dynamics Improved Atlas Even Further?

How Have Boston Dynamics Improved Atlas Even Further?

What Is Atlas?

Atlas is Boston Dynamics most attention-drawing robot to have been produced. Out of their long line of extremely impressive expressive bots, Atlas is potentially the most interesting. It has the ability to walk with an eerie likeness to that of a human, and in addition to that it can get up after being knocked over and even do a backflip! Many people have actually expressed a slight fear over the ramifications of having a robot that can do things no human ever could.

Atlas is very well known across the Internet and has become somewhat of a celebrity, the average person will recognize his incredible backflip ability. He stunned almost everyone when he was first unveiled and practically everyone had something to say about this mind-blowing technological advancement.

How Has Atlas Been Improved?

It may be hard to believe that Boston Dynamics could produce anything more astonishing in terms of pure technology; clearly, they took this as a challenge, and they far exceeded anyone expectations. They have improved the way Atlas functions in many ways, but by far most notable is that they have integrated a system that has allowed Atlas to master running and jumping. Videos show the robot running through fields and jumping over logs with ease.

All of the abilities Atlas appears to have mastered brings up the question, what mobility wise can humans do that this robot cant; no doubt they will soon be improving the android even further. What they will do next remains to be seen but so far they are setting the bar extremely high.

How Could Atlas Affect The World?

The recent leaps in technology made by Boston Dynamics may have massive implications for the future of the human race. If it gets to a point where this robot can do everything a human can do minus the stamina and weariness what will be the need for a police force made up of people? Not to mention the fact that in the admittedly unlikely event that Boston Dynamics were to accept an offer to militarise their robots, the battlefield that soldiers currently occupy would become completely lacking in casualties.

There are many more duties that these robots would be far more suited to perform, which may prove worrying to the fighters of unemployment. The argument can be made that it will never reach a point where the bots can be mass produced, but in the hypothetical situation that someone with stupid amounts of money looking to make more were to invest in the company it may become more realistic.

Will Atlas Change The Current World?

In conclusion, it is unlikely that Atlas is anywhere near completely transforming the world as we know it, as impressive as he is humans still do most of the things he can do better for now. This is not to say however that it will take generations for the robot mass production to become a reality, as this is most likely also untrue. As staggering as Atlas is and as much attention he has gained there are incredible things being done all over the world arguably more impressive than Atlas; even when it comes to robots evidence suggests that Atlas isn’t even the most advanced on the planet of his type.

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