World Robot Conference Displays a Range of Impressive Robots

World Robot Conference Displays a Range of Impressive Robots

From August 20th to the 25th Beijing in China hosted this year’s World Robot Conference, typically a very large event expected to attract many visitors from all over the world, with robots submitted from all over 22 countries. The conference displays many fairly new and somewhat experimental technologies and devices. These devices range from medical robots to movement-based ones to logistics, and variety is in abundance. The World Robot Conference also holds a number of contests each year which allows up to 4,500 professional developers to show off their skills. A reported 700 different robots will be shown at the conference, all of them covering over 21 industrial applications.

New Startups at the World Robot Conference

A major party at the conference, HRG robotics president said this “We will be showcasing a string of successful companies which have got off the ground through the help of HRG, alongside our representative products at WRC 2019, as we aim to form new partnerships with companies around the world.” Also, on display was SmartBird a developer created by German firm Festo, who as the name implies base their robots designs off of a number of birds including the herring gull, who their bots flight methods are based off.

Unitree Robotics also showed off their revolutionary dog mimicking robot “Laikago”, which is named after Laika, which was the first-ever animal launched into space in 1957. The device is relatively small, as well as this it only weighs 22 kilograms, which is especially impressive considering that it can run for two or three hours when fully charged. Boston Dynamics are possibly the most notorious for developing this type of animal-based robots with their previously unprecedented dog-like, and human-like movement robots which went completely viral all over the internet.

Conferences such as this are positively crucial for spreading awareness about the robotics world and often allow smaller firms the potential to gain a lot of exposure and in turn more funds in order to further develop the devices that gathered them the attention in the first place. It’s also no doubt very beneficial to the economy of the city it is held in, with many tourists coming to visit specifically for the conference, who will then tell their friends to visit and so on. There are truly some breath-taking robots displayed at these types of events, ranging from artificial intelligence to rescue robots, to robots developed for medical purposes. Being at one of these conferences no doubt feels like a window into the future as many of these incredible inventions as it will not long before they become a big part of everyday life. It’s likely that many robots shown at these events will soon be commonplace to see in the workplace and at home.

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