Some of The Surprising Uses Chinese People Are Finding For Robotics

Some of The Surprising Uses Chinese People Are Finding For Robotics

We all know that robots are proving very useful in the world of medicine and in various industries. They are also being developed for search and rescue missions, and with the addition of artificial intelligence, some of them are becoming celebrities. But some Chinese people have taken things one step further, and it is surprising some of the things they have been using them for.

Sexy Chat Girls

Chinese police closed several dating apps when they discovered that the sexy girls advertised for chat were, in fact, artificial intelligence computer software. Hundreds of thousands of customers had been duped, and more than 600 people have been arrested.

The Mathematical Genius

Aidam, an expert in maths aced a recent college entrance exam scoring an impressive 134 out of 150 in less than 10 minutes. The aim is to use him to help teachers mark work and to pinpoint the specific maths problems students struggle with. He could well take over the teacher’s job as he is further developed.

Home Made Robot Arms Steals Train Tickets 

A man in southern China made a robot arm that could repeatedly hit the refresh button on that state rail booking website. This enabled him to buy 150 in-demand rails tickets, which he then resold on his own website. He didn’t make a fortune, and when police intervened and confiscated the robot arm and all his equipment, he said it had cost him much more in time and materials than he had made in profit.

Here Comes The Bride

A Chinese artificial intelligence expert has married a robot after failing to find a human wife. He created her himself, and at the wedding, which was attended by family and friends, she wore a black suit and the traditional red headscarf covered her head during the ceremony.

Keeko Has The Intelligence Of A Five-Year-Old

Described as a cute intelligent toy, Keeko has been used in over 200 kindergartens since it was launched in 2016. It can sing, dance, do maths, read stories, play games and even chat to the little ones, most of who absolutely love it.

Will The Dentist Be Less Scary? 

Will a visit to the dentist be less scary if the dentist is a robot? Chinese researchers have developed robot dentists, one of which has carried out implant surgery. The margin of error for this type of surgery is 02–03 mm, something that the robot had no problem coping with.

China is using robots for many of the same things as others countries. A warehouse has halved its staff by using robots to sort over 200,000 packages a day, and in a factory that makes dumplings, the human staff is no longer needed at all. The armed forces are using them to produce ammunition, and recently underwater robots were sent by China to plug oils leaks in a tanker that had sunk in the East China Sea.

As a nation, China is committed to its robotic and artificial intelligence programmes, and it seems some of its people are just trying to help a little

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