Berlin’s IFA Tech Fair Shows Off New Robots

Berlin’s IFA Tech Fair Shows Off New Robots

By far Europe’s biggest and most well-known tech fair is Berlins IFA, that’s why this year is being used by businesses to launch their new crazy robotic based products. Here are some examples of devices revealed so far that are causing waves and getting people talking about the new robots on show.

Heithecker, the executive director of the event, stated that of the thousands of devices on showcase at the event the ones that will garner the most attention and sales will be the “Christmas gifts”. Products such as headphones and speakers, no doubt for teenagers this Christmas. It was said these products will outstand as they are “affordable, moveable, high quality and part of the digitally connected world.” Heithecker further stated, “Headsets with noise-canceling are mostly used in homes now, to squeeze out the surrounding noise – you go into your own world and won’t be disturbed if you want to hear music.” Despite what he says, some of these products are still very pricy with items such as Panasonics high-tech headphones selling currently for $1,200!

Another product showing potential of popularity is Huawei’s super-fast new Kirin 990 processor, which also has a special version designed for the new 5G technology. The company claims that their new unique “all in one” 5G chip possesses a modem with great downloading speeds. Huawei state that this new chip will outclass their rivals greatly and will turn the tides of the current marketplace for mobile phones. Despite this new technology looking very promising, Huawei has tensions with the US currently as it is a Chinese business, many American higher-ups have said no to using their devices to introduce 5G systems.

New Robots for Pets

One of the devices that have caused the most interest unsurprisingly has to do with people’s pets. The idea is essentially a robotic fitness trainer for pets, perhaps someone doesn’t have time to walk their pets or give them the appropriate amount of exercise, which makes them the audience for this new device. The developer is a Californian start-up called Varram, their device plays with cats or dogs, and can even drop treats as rewards if the pets perform well. The new robots’ other systems are quite basic with sensors to make sure it doesn’t bump into obstacles and other things like that.

Jens Heithecker told AFP “Three main trends at IFA this year are 5G, voice control, and artificial intelligence, which many new robots have.” The latter two have this year been aimed at being placed into people’s homes, devices such as an oven that opens with voice control, and a drier that notifies you when the clothes are dry are prime examples of this. Devices like this will slowly be integrated into our homes in the next few years until we can talk to every appliance in our houses.

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