Restaurant Where The Chefs Are Robots

Restaurant Where The Chefs Are Robots

Spyce is a new startup restaurant where the chefs are robots. It was created recent MIT graduates Brady Knight, Michael Farid, Luke Schlueter and Kale Rogers. It’s supposedly a fast food restaurant, however, the food is reported to be fairly high quality. The owners state that the robots are capable of creating tasty meals in astonishing time and all for a reasonable price with meals starting at $7.50. They also say that the robots actually help them cut costs greatly which has given them the ability to have lower prices.  Downtown Boston is the chosen location for this innovative venue, which offers a variety of meals ranging from Asian styles to Mediterranean and Latin dishes. There are human employees in the restaurant whose jobs are waiting tables and greeting customers, along with presumably explaining how the system works to newcomers.

Compliments To The Chef

The restaurant’s creators have said that they expected all of the business to come from the novelty of having robot chefs, but further on they all agree that the overall quality of the food is a much greater lure. If robots are really capable of preparing great food this could seriously affect the way we eat on a daily basis, don’t be surprised if within the next 10 years we see robots similar to these in households making people their favourite recipes. Obviously, this will not necessarily be a good thing for the people involved in the food industry. If these robots are better at cooking than them what other reason would there be to not choose the robots, other than the fact that human chefs offer some personality and flair. Although the robots do follow recipes conjured by coveted chef Sam Benson along with being overseen by Michelin-starred chef Daniel Boulud, these aspects could potentially eliminate any and all drawbacks that a default generic system may face.

It’s Not Easy Running A Restaurant Where The Chefs Are Robots

Brady Knight has acknowledged that running a restaurant of this type is not easy stating, “Running a restaurant is quite difficult”. Along with the obvious difficulties such as budgets etc. the group of graduates will also face haters of the idea of robots making their food. Despite these people, the novelty will most likely boast a great effect, because who doesn’t want a meal made by Robocop? These bots are still quite basic despite how advanced the appear and operate. In the future robots will no doubt be capable of making beautiful dishes in a matter of minutes. Whether this will catch on with other restaurants and the public remains be to be seen. Chefs all over the world will be shaking in their boots at the thought of being replaced by an infinitely improved technological peer. However, the majority of people will see this as a massive step in the right direction. Imagine driving home from work and simply having a high-quality meal made ready for you in minutes.

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