Robotics Events For The Rest Of 2018

Robotics Events For The Rest Of 2018

The whole year of 2018 has been extremely rich in terms of the world of robotics, with tons of conferences and events. This year has been especially fruitful on the topic of artificial intelligence advancement in robots. Although we are edging towards 2019 the year still has much to offer yet to robot fanatics. Here are some robotics events for the rest of 2018 still to look forward to!

TheRoboBusiness Conference 

This event is being organized by the Robotics Business Review and is happening from the 25th of September to the 27th, it will be held in Santa Clara in California. The event has been known throughout the years to effectively encapsulate all aspects of robotics including development, investment and manufacturing.

These topics will then be discussed and displayed by likely over 2000 robotics professionals, typically the event has great turnout and 2018 is set up to be far from an exception. For those of you wondering what the event will actually involve this year includes a supplier, industry business summits, Chief Robotics summit along with a tech and robot design engineering forum. Admittedly this event does appear to be more of a business focused event so if you’re simply a hobbyist looking to gawp at new robots this occasion may not be for you particularly.

Minds Mastering Machines 

Next up is a very exciting set of conferences that will no doubt peak many peoples interests, this is because it focuses mainly on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The event will obviously also go over how all of these advancements can be integrated into business and other fields where it is deemed necessary.

There was in fact another one of these conferences in Cologne Germany this April, but if you missed that one and are still interested this “new” one is set to take place in London from October 15th-17th following the event previously having great success last year in London. The event will hold talks, day long workshops and presentations put together by researchers and workers in the field. Quite the lineup of activities that would keep anybody interested in artificial intelligence very engaged for a couple of days.

The International Conference on Mechatronics and Robotics

This upcoming event will be held in Helsinki, Finland and will begin October 15th and continue through to the 16th. The event aims to connect many groups of students. Developers and researchers to converge about what they have discovered while working in the robotics industry. This years underlying theme looks to be “Unfolding Knowledge with a Delineate Technical World” and looks to investigate the use of robotics across many industries.

The students and other titles will come from the fields of engineering, physics, computer science and more, in order to help each other understand developments for the future of robotics. Many different but expert perspectives is usually the key to success in this area.

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