Robot to Star in Upcoming Movie

Robot to Star in Upcoming Movie

British filmmaker Tony Kaye has stated he is aiming that have his next big production will have a robot in the lead role. He is looking to hire specifically an AI-enhanced robot for his upcoming film “2nd born”. It must be acknowledged obviously that movies have been utilizing different types of robots for years, first starting in 1921 with “The Mechanical Man”.

Kaye states that he actually plans to train the hired AI in a variety of acting methods. However, he has not said what acting styles and techniques he has decided upon for his robot star. Quite audaciously the crew is actually hoping that the AI is in fact recognized by the Screen Actors Guild as a real actor eligible for awards. This is highly unlikely. Kaye has said that a robot star was a joint idea conjured up by himself and producer Sam Khoze.

Robot Star For The Big Screen?

So what huge cinematic event calls for such unique treatment and innovation? Surprisingly nothing instantly recognizable. The movie, which hasn’t been officially written yet, is this far being referred to as “2nd born”, which is set to be the sequel to the currently in production picture “1st born”. This is being directed by Ali Atshani and is starring Val Kilmer, Tom Berenger, and Denise Richards just to name a few.

Although we have no clue about the story 2nd born follows, we can confirm 1st born will be centered around a young Iranian and American couple whose unfortunate pregnancy leads to major family difficulties because of cultural differences. Therefore it is safe to assume that 2nd born will follow a similar theme.

Recently, popular comedian Pat Dixon tweeted saying “What’s this? Hiring a robot actor play a human role? When there are so many great human actors who could play the part, it’s hard to put this on anything other than anti-human bias in Hollywood. Still a botsclub”.

While it is likely that there is a fairly present sense of comicality to this tweet it does bring up the big question, why? Is it really easier to go through all of this effort teaching artificial intelligence how to act for your movie when you could easily just hire a well-trained human? However, robots have already been trained to dance, sing and tell jokes, so acting has t0 be the next progression.

Although it is far from worth it in the eyes of many one thing this piece of innovation has done perfectly is draw a great amount of attention to the film, which would have previously been absent for such a small project. No doubt many of people from all walks of life will check this film out even if just a clip on YouTube, simply to see how well the robot actually performs as it could potentially mean big changes in the film industry!

Picture for a second a crazy parallel universe where all of our beloved stars are replaced by emotionless artificial intelligence! A bit scary right?

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