Real Face Robot

Real Face Robot

Recently Swedish startup company Furhat Robotics unveiled its newest creation to the world. An expressive, real face robot that is designed to try and cross “the uncanny valley” so that humans feel comfortable and safe around it, in order to simulate genuine conversation and communication between human and machine. The device uses a projection on an anthropomorphic mask to create realistic and natural looking expressions and movements, this means although still very basic this device is able to bypass the struggles of a silicon-based mechanical face, which realistically up to this point has never really hit its peak.

Feeling More Comfortable With A Real Face Robot

The way the robot figures out what to say is by, somewhat eerily at times, staring into the human companion’s eyes and studying their facial expressions in order to devise the best response possible. It has a Hifi camera, which allows it to do this very accurately, with the head having 3 degrees of freedom. The contrast between this bot and other bots that have attempted this is quite staggering, with previous applications all looking to simulate human emotion using a machine dressed up as a human, whereas with this device Furhat have simply tried to replicate something basic extremely accurately.

Obviously, there have been large discussions going on about the customization of these robots, as the bot uses a projection in order to create its face it’s fully possible that the robot will be able to look like almost anyone. This has naturally brought up questions of different races and hair types and all kinds of other customization options when it comes to making the bots exactly what you want. It has been pointed out also that this customization may be abused if not regulated, with certain members of our society having the potential to use the robots for malevolent or sexual purposes, furthering the already radical beauty standards put into the world. The idea of Furhats creation being able to become anybody, especially if made mobile (which is likely) is a very scary one that raises many issues politically.

Uses Of Real Face Robots

It has already been suggested that these robots can become usable in circumstances such as job interviews much sooner than the public probably anticipates possible. If this is true we could be standing in front of a robotic barista specifically designed to be attractive in the near future! The Furhat is not currently available to the public but it will no doubt pop up in a setting working a job before we can even share concerns about the project, many companies are looking into utilizing the product before its even out.

In conclusion, obviously this device will have certain positives such as making day-to-day life less lonely, but it all-over looks somewhat negative. Is it possible that this will push humans to a state of utter reclusion? When you’ve got your perfect companion you designed why go and make friends?

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