The New AI For Chores In The Home

The New AI For Chores In The Home

What Is A Virtual Home?

The Virtual Home is new software that is being developed by the MIT Robotics Team at the University of Toronto, a new AI for chores in the home. They have trained it with almost 3000 different capabilities that are broken into subdivisions to be easily understood by the software. The AI system is designed to be put into robots that would then be able to carry out the tasks required. The robots so far have been successful at completing these tasks in a virtual world, with settings like living rooms and kitchens.

Unlike humans, these robots cannot interpret instructions in their own way, and because of this problem, the actions have to be displayed bit by bit to the system. For example, when making a cup of coffee, the command would start with pick up the cup and then would move onto each individual detail of coffee making. As annoying and repetitive as this may become, it is expected that the AI will have been improved past this point by the time it becomes commercially viable.

How Does This Affect Our World

Obviously, if this does become commercially available there will be people dubious of having an AI in their house due to concerns about the singularity commonly circulating. However, the large majority of people will want to get their hands on this AI for chores to make their life more relaxed. This would likely not change our lives greatly aside from humans taking another step towards being complacent when it comes to actually doing things for themselves. Companies such as Amazon are already looking at this new software to potentially be incorporated into existing robots such as Alexa, to further improve them by teaching them how to do all of the 3000 things the system includes.

This AI for chores software is not only used for things such as tasks in the home. It can be immensely useful in many different areas, as it essentially teaches any robot that can utilize it to do any tasks required. Along with the chores the system already includes it is no stretch of the imagination to think that anything could be taught to this piece of AI. This could affect things from city guides to Google and even over to gaming. With gaming being one of the biggest industries in the modern world it would be no surprise if it is introduced by company’s like Microsoft to make their consoles more intuitive.

Who Are MIT?

Many people will have heard of MIT before, as it is an extremely prestigious university with many exciting projects in progress. The robotics team stands out especially as a truly impressive division. In the past MIT have competed in many robotics competitions and have typically done very well, displaying new algorithms all the way to prototype Mars Rovers. They have achieved a great amount considering they were only formed in the fall of 2013. They also have a program where they regularly send students over to Japan to experience the different, and arguably better, sciences and technologies, and this is thought to be contributing to their success.


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