Meet The New Member Of The Family

Meet The New Member Of The Family

Meet Alpha 2, the robot that is said to be like a new family member. UBTECH manufacture humanoid robots and with the development of Alpha 2 they have used all the latest innovations in technology. There is a whole list of things this robot is capable of, just some of them being:

  • It can read stories to you or your children, actively bringing more literature into your lives.
  • Alpha 2 has conversational skills that enable it to be an interpreter or teacher.
  • It can enhance your home security by controlling smart locks and lights. It can set WIFI enabled alarms, and act as a remote security monitor.
  • It is able to take photographs and videos.
  • If you want Alpha 2 to entertain you it will sing, dance or act as a DJ.
  • It can help you search the Internet.
  • You will always have the up to date latest weather forecasts.
  • This robot can be your personal assistance as it can make and receive calls and check your voicemails. Reading and sending texts and emails is no problem and it can control WIFI equipment to print and fax.
  • It can provide alarms and reminders for every family member.
  • It can help with jobs around the home, including repairs and cooking.
  • You need never forget tablets or medicine again because Alpha 2 will remind you when it is due.

With 20 joints that replicate human movements, Alpha 2 can be a great work out buddy. As it has voice and face recognition, it will always know which member of the family it is interacting with.

A Robot To Help With Your Personal Health

Pillo is an intelligent robot dedicated to the health and well being of the family. No matter what age the family member is, it can answer health and fitness questions, and securely manage any medication or vitamins. It will automatically reorder them, as supplies get low. It will give alerts and reminders when medication becomes due. It stores them in tamper proof containers, and will only dispense to the person they are intended for.

As it uses voice and facial technology it will know which member of the family is asking the questions, and will connect them to a healthcare professional if necessary. The robot saves you the job of scouring the Internet, and will give you information you can trust from verified sources.

If you are tracking your activity with a wireless device, Pillo can track and store the information for you. The same can be said if you are losing weight and want to keep track of how much you lose.

Robots To Make Life Easier

These are just two of the robots that have been developed to make our lives easier, there are many more. As technology progresses so new innovations will materialise, and robots will be able to do even more than they do now. Robots are here to stay, and they are more likely than ever to become part of family life in the not too distant future.

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