Aberystwyth University UK Robotics Week

Aberystwyth University UK Robotics Week

Aberystwyth University is holding a competition for promising upcoming robot builders and inventors, to give them an opportunity to show off their talents and ideas, whereas typically they might find it hard to discover any exposure. As the name suggests the event will be held for a whole week, set up by the Universities Department of Computer Science and Physics the event will contribute to the overall UK robotics week.

Aberystwyth University UK Robotics Week

Held at the Universities old college there will be robot creating sessions including Olympic type challenges to also test out the abilities of the robots and hopefully discover a special system that stands out from the rest. There will also be an evening held in the college dedicated to celebrating the schools work in space with robotics. Almost comically the school will be holding a screening of the 2015 sci-fi movie Ex Machina which is centered around artificial intelligence and technological advancements in relation to how it could endanger us. Following this, there is said to be extensive discussions on the future of robotics and possible advancements for the future. The climax of the week is the highly celebrated beach lab activity, which will allow attendees to indulge everything robotic. They will be learning about robots and be trying them out. This is essentially the fun day where people are meant to enjoy themselves.

Get Your Pens Out

Strangely there is also a fairly popular competition involving writing a 400-word piece about the future of robotics. Whether that be drama fuelled or more of a study of possible futures will be up to the writer. It is also an option to design and create a robot-themed poster. Entries must be submitted by Friday 22nd June and the winners will be announced at the end of the event.

The Importance Of Such An Event In The UK

It is a fairly massive deal that a university of relative smallness will be hosting an event of this magnitude. It is a huge thing for the UK when it comes to discovering robotic talents and even revolutionary systems. Therefore the school being involved is something special. The Robotics Week co-ordinator stated “ We are delighted to be a part of a UK wide celebration of all things robotics this year. The aim of Aberystwyth Robotics Week is to inspire peoples interest in robotics and give them the opportunity to find out more about developments taking place here at Aberystwyth University. All the events are open to everyone.” She is not wrong. The event is an extremely effective and engaging method of spreading awareness and passion for the robotics community, in turn encouraging the industry itself to improve as more people become involved. The UK is currently a bit behind the other leading countries when it comes to robotics with the top of the board being America, India and China at the moment. Being behind in aspects such as technology is off character for the UK, therefore spreading awareness is crucial.

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