6 most popular robots for Christmas 2015

6 most popular robots for Christmas 2015

Drones and robots are the hottest tech gift this season. Let’s look on some most popular ideas.

1. Sphero BB-8 – Star Wars Droid


Sphero BB-8™ is a voice, smartphone or tablet controlled robot designed to play with. His adaptive personality can change as the user play with him. Of course it is one of the most wanted robots these days – mostly because of Star Wars.

Price – 150 $. Buy at: sphero.com/starwars/

2. Ozobot 2.0 Bit

Very nice educational robot toy, which help kids understand and learn how to program. It is one of the smallest programmable robot toy on the world. The programming is done on a mobile device, either iOS or Android. Ozobot Bit can sense colored lines, detect patterns such as intersections, read flashing light codes, and execute a total of 500 commands.

Price: 70$ Buy at: shop.ozobot.com

3. WINBOT W730 – window cleaning robot


Cleaning windows can be a hard and time consuming task. New technologies help us save time and nerves. WINBOT W730 is a cleaning robot, which can automatically scans and calculates the size of the window, then programs a custom cleaning path for maximum efficiency. It also comes with remote control for convenience. Ideal gift for neat freaks.

Price – 300$. Buy at: amazon.com

4. Dash&Dot – children first robot friends


Dash & Dot interact with the world using sensors. They can hear sounds, detect objects, and know if you are moving them. They can be programmed to do anything you can imagine using a simple visual programming language called Blockly. Dash and Dot guide kids through the world of coding and robotics, turning ideas into adventures.

Price from 150 $. Buy at: store.makewonder.com

5. Droplet Robotics Smart Sprinkler


You look for a present for a garden geek? Droplet Robotics Smart Sprinkler is perfect! His main goal is to take care of plants while saving water. This six-pound robot can sprinkle water up 30-feet away and gathers data from over 10,000 weather stations, millions of soil samples and comprehensive biological information to make intelligent decisions on when, where and how much water to deliver.

Price – 300 $ Buy at: amazon.com

6. Hubsan X4 Quadcopter – cheap drone for beginners


Drone for only 34$? It is possible! Hubsan X4 Quadcopter can fly up to 7 minutes and is recharged by USB. It is perfect drone for beginners, because it is really easy to operate and have additional stabilization in air.

Price – 34$. buy at: Amazon.com


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