3 Personal Robots That Might Enhance Your Life

As children, we all saw films with personal robots of the future. They were usually clever and clunky until the Star Wars films came along and then they were much improved. They are no longer just in science fiction films though. They are in real workplaces and homes, helping to enhance people’s lives. As time goes on more personal robots are being developed to help us with everyday tasks, and to make our lives a little easier.


Jibo is the first social robot for the home. It learns from everyone it interacts with, and remembers what it has shared and with whom. It can learn from and chat with up to 16 different people, and create personalized interactions with each one. It even has a sense of humor so don’t be surprised if it cracks a joke or two. Jibo is a cute little robot that does not move on its own, but that will soon become a friend to all family members.


Kuri once again is specifically designed to be loving and cute looking as many of these robots are, he is described as a helpful assistant and cool friend. Don’t let its soft exterior fool you into thinking its simple however as Kuri possesses some seriously advanced technology inside it, coming equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a 1080p camera and facial recognition. Along with these impressive features, it can also allow you to communicate with other people around the house by delivering your messages to them. Obviously, it can navigate your home effectively avoiding obstacles, and because of its high-quality camera, it can also function as a “guard dog” of sorts.

Possibly the cutest feature of Kuri is that it will routinely take photos and sometimes videos and save them to an app on your phone to be viewed later, which however intrusive it may seem can, in theory, be a welcome addition to the list of Kuri’s abilities.

LG Hub Robot

This bot focuses less on being cute and friendly and more on simply being as efficient as possible for its software to achieve. It is placed in the most active place in your home and then reacts to actions such as nods or waves. Some of the things its capable of doing involve playing music and controlling your air conditioning system. It is able to display messages videos and photos onto its screen for easy interaction, also utilizing facial recognition to determine different family members.

Despite the commercial nature of the robot already it is not actually out yet and is expected to launch soon as it made its debut in finished form at the Consumer Electronics Show in January of 2017. Once it is released it will no doubt be a hit and seen as a crucial home robot.

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