Robots Undertake More Tasks Than You May Realize

Robots Undertake More Tasks Than You May Realize

Most people are aware that robots are being used for some of the mundane tasks in factories and warehouses and apart from the concern about human job losses, are happy to accept this. Robots are more efficient than humans and can work for 24 hours a day without the expense of heat and light, which means they are a cheaper form of labor. However, robots undertake more tasks that people may realize as they are being introduced into so many industries that can use them in the background as well as at the forefront of businesses.

Robots Undertake More Tasks in The Food Industry

Worldwide, robots are being used in restaurant kitchens more often than ever before. For instance, the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles has a robot called Flippy that prepares tater tots and chicken tenders. Originally getting its name from its ability to flip hamburgers in a burger joint in Pasadena, it can now produce 80 baskets of fried food every hour. If it’s not fried food you are after, Moley Robotics has developed a robotic kitchen that can download and prepare even the most complex of recipes.

Rescue Robots

When there is a disaster it is sometimes a problem trying to rescue people because of conditions that are unsafe for humans to enter. For several years, wheeled robots have been helping in some situations, but their range is limited by the way they move, making rough terrain a problem. Now though progress has been made. MIT have developed a mechanical cheetah that can navigate rough terrain at 30mph as well as jump, spin climb stairs and walk on three legs. Researchers at Stanford have been working on an inflatable robot snake that can get into gaps that are too small for humans to enter. These are just two developments, there are many more that will make future rescue missions more likely to be successful.

Robots Undertake More Tasks in the Care Industry

When you mention the care industry most people think of looking after elderly people. Japan has led the way with robots that car care for its old folk and keep them company. It was almost a necessity for the Japanese as they have a large aging population with not enough younger people to care for them, and they have been successful in this venture. However, elderly people are not the only ones that could need care. There are disabled people and people with learning difficulties to consider as well. Making sure they take the correct medication at the right times, and exercise of they need to are just two tasks that are very simple for robots. What most people that have a robot carer like though is the fact they have company in the form of something that does not judge them and remembers previous conversations.

Robots Undertake More Tasks in other Industries

These are just three ways that robots are making life easier for us all. There are many other industries that are embracing them such as the world of finance and investing, the funeral industry, aviation, hotels, and pharmacy to name just a few.

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