Robotic Prototype Cities

Robotic Prototype Cities

Many cities around the world are currently competing in a sort of friendly race to new technologies, and are becoming one of a new breed of robotic prototype cities. Therefore a large portion of the major cities of the world is slowly beginning to implement some of these new robotic services into their population’s everyday life. The majority of these cities are testing the waters with a lot of the bigger advancements, but in the future, we could see some crazy things in urban life.


Often praised for their already impressive innovations, Singapore aren’t so much striving to make their city robotic but are looking more at making what they already have so technologically advanced that they don’t necessarily need to implement new incredible systems. It is said that currently, the people of Singapore see these new robots as the “natural advancement in their day to day lives, these changes are being pioneered by autonomous delivery systems along with Easymiles autonomous driverless buses. The government in Singapore have also authorized the employment of worker robots to be allowed to carry out simple tasks in hotels and other establishments such as places of education.


Unsurprisingly, being one of the richest places on Earth, Dubai is also at the forefront of these robotic prototype cities. At the moment its said that the government is primarily focusing on robots in public services, to create a feeling of leisure and ease, “the happiest place on Earth” as some of the representatives have described the concept. These advancements in public services include transportation, police forces and surveillance.

In an attempt to completely blow the competition out the water in September 2017 Dubai tested German drone firm Volocopters attempt at a flying taxi. Obviously, this is quite an arrogant statement to make, following the promising tests it was said that this would “lead the Arab world in innovation” and that all transport could be like this by 2030! Alongside these projects, they’re also testing humanoid police officer robots, scary.


I’m sure for many readers simply the thought of leading robotic prototype cities brought up an image of Japan, already being known to have weird and wonderful gadgets scattered all around. Obviously, with the country hosting the 2020 Olympics, they’re going all out to impress. Tokyo is essentially becoming a robot testing ground, with all of its experiments overseen by the Robot Revolution Realisation Council. Japan is basically trying to show off in an attempt to reinvigorate their economy while also creating a reputation for the city to attract tourism likely. Their picture for the Olympics is that for both spectators and athletes all of the processes they must go through will all be automated down to the smallest things.

Tokyo is a great example of what it looks like when a government goes all out on a dream of being extremely technologically advanced, they will likely succeed in this and showcase incredible developments in the coming years.

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