Are Robot Lawyers Better Than Human Ones?

Are Robot Lawyers Better Than Human Ones?

It has commonly said that robots are seemingly years away from being able to handle very human and nuanced situations that typically require an understanding of how people feel. Recently however robots have been said to be rapidly improving in this area artificially. The proposition has been put forward that some of these robots could soon prove more efficient in behind door disputes. Could robot lawyers be better at solving disputes than a human one? This rapid increase all of a sudden in this kind of alternative technology is largely attributed to the increased use in attempting to use robots to predict the outcome of legal cases.

Robot lawyers Solve a Dispute

In February huge news came out of England and Wales as a Canadian electronic negotiation specialists iCan Systems reportedly solved a legal dispute, making it the first artificial intelligence to do so! The bot has been dubbed the “robot mediator”.

The case which was handled by an AI tool called the Smartsetlle ONE, the bot took the human mediators place and in less than an hour solved a 3-month long dispute over a fee owed due to unpaid bills.

Guy Pendell, head of disputes at international law firms CMS said, “It builds on the basic negotiation concepts that have existed for a while, how do you find the area of settlement for both parties,” he continued “You’re really just trying to find the sweet spot and this was touted as a way to help parties settle in mediation”. Many have stated that these robots are not as effective as some are claiming, but who could guess many of these criticizers are lawyers, lots have claimed that these robots could efficiently undertake small disputes, however big money disputes require more nuance. “In the case of disputes worth huge amounts of money, you need the skills of an experienced negotiator to persuade people to do things they don’t want to do”, this was said by Ben Carroll, a disputes resolution partner at Linklaters. Which side do you agree with?

AI is already in use in these law areas, but just to analyze huge amounts of data. This analysing is done to properly enter mediation in the correct way and predict the best method to use to win the case. Nick Rundle who works at Eversheds states “Mediation has different forms for different types of cases, but there is no doubt that technology plays a key role in alternative dispute resolution.” So, will we soon see the end of the traditional lawyer and will they be replaced by robot lawyers?  Technology will undoubtedly be used more and more to analyze data and possibly even handle certain smaller cases. This type of technology will also likely be integrated into other profession’s if proven effective.

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