Pepsi-co New Delivery Robot

Pepsi-co New Delivery Robot

There has always been a long growing problem of college students, stuck in their dorm, yet craving a sweet or sour snack to keep them going. The past problem has always been, how would they get it? Well, now there’s an app for that. On one California university campus, this app powers an autonomous machine that travels around campus endlessly with the sole purpose of meeting these trapped hungry students needs. Could this new delivery robot be the answer?

Recently Pepsi-co unveiled this new anticipated device, the “Snackbot” at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. The company (although unconfirmed) states that this is the first time a major beverage or food business has tested a robot like this. The robot gets its products from its vending brand, Hello Goodness, which delivers the contraption with many items such as Sun Chips and certain Starbucks beverages. The fleet of six-wheeled robots was designed by San Francisco Bay startup Robby Technologies.

A Normal Workin Day For The New Delivery Robot

The bots only run on the average work hours, from 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening, somewhat disappointing for many students no doubt. However, they are impressively equipped with headlights and built-in cameras to help them traverse hills, along with a multitude of weather conditions that may arise, meaning students supposedly will not have to fear snowy season. Each new delivery robot can apparently do 20 miles off of a single charge, which will easily cover the California universities 175-acre campus.

Obviously, these robots will likely be picked up very quickly all over the United States and likely other countries later. It would also be completely unsurprising to see a number of other companies try to replicate the devices in other environments perhaps. This type of robot has been tested in the past in a few different ways, often causing some controversy within communities. However, the majority of places that they’ve been tried have accepted them as legitimate possible future advancements for things such as grocery shopping. Before everyone pounces to try and integrate these however it must first be observed how the campuses receive them.

There is also the question so far largely unasked, which is, is this any easier than simply ordering food from one of the already proven companies who offer these services. Pepsi-co would probably respond “you won’t find these prices anywhere else” which may seem valid at first, but when you consider that these college students likely have vending machines around every corner of their buildings anyway which will likely be cheaper than the delivery service, it may begin to appear easier to just walk down the hallway for a brief moment. Will students be happy about the constant interruptions this system will inevitably bring or would they prefer to work on their own time and snack when they see fit? Time will tell but so far these products are set to succeed.

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