Leka The Smart Toy

Leka The Smart Toy

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Robot toys have come a long way sincew the very fisrt ones were introduced. Leka the smart toy has been developed by a French start-up company. It is designed for the specific purpose of teaching children with special needs along with offering companionship. People have been buzzing about this innovation, saying it fulfills its roles as a social stimulant, interactive toy and educator brilliantly.

The bot actually has customizable features in order to allow parents to perfectly tailor Leka to their children. Leka is controlled through an app on the parents mobile. The innovative piece of hardware has been received very warmly and looks like it can help to break the trend of these inventions simply being tools of procrastination. The device will most likely prove extremely useful to therapists who have to consult with special needs children every day. This will help them give the child exactly what they need.

Devices like this could obviously alter the world that we live in substantially and its set to hit the market early this summer. Schools will no doubt almost immediately leap at the opportunity of having one, as it will surely be able to make teachers lives incredibly easier. It is not contrary to popular belief a completely new concept, many other businesses have done similar things, and Leka itself has been in development and prototype stages for around 3 years.

When Leka is released, other developers will very likely attempt to imitate the concept because there are so many potential uses for it. It could be used in places such as hospitals, care homes and even mental hospitals. There are plenty of other people not only special needs children who could potentially benefit greatly from altered and perhaps more advanced versions of Leka. The Lekas colorful lights, music and emotes could possibly become a staple of a variety of different environments.

As with all things, there are negative views, a few somewhat trivial things such as suggestions for spying through the devices. However other suggestions of dampeners may hold more validity, an example of this would be the price tag. The business themselves claim that normally on average something like this could sell for thousands. Perhaps they are just trying to soften the blow to the fact that a device which is being touted as a gift to families and a helping hand, may cost between $800 to $900. The company is offering discounts to supporters on funding site Indiegogo. They state that if a customer pre-orders through this service they could receive the product for half price at $490.

This product, despite the price tag questions, does in all truth look to be one of the most positive robotic advancements in many years and is tipped by many to increase the social skills of kids all around the world. It will be coming onto the market later in the year but it’s not incredibly long to wait for something so promising, that is if you are able to spend the same amount that the average iPhone costs.

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