Help NASA create a flying space robot!

Help NASA create a flying space robot!

Do You feel like being capable of designing a robot? If Yours answer is “yes” you can take part in big NASA project of Astrobee – new free-flying robot, that’s set to live aboard the International Space Station.
NASA feels that crowdsourcing and collective hive mind can help find unique outside-the-box solutions to problems that in-house teams are often struggling to innovate on. NASA decided to open a contest on in which 30 people will be selected to complete the task.
What NASA want? In adv, NASA wrote:

We are asking for your help in exploring the multiple ways to approach creating a decomposed architecture of a complex system. Help us by providing system architecture options for a robotic attachment mechanism (robotic arm) attached to a free flying robot that will fly aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Everyone who will be invited to complete the Task after registration on, will get 10$. And if the participant will be able to completes all deliverables of the task, he(or she) will get another 100$.
The task contain:

  • A graphical depiction of the decomposed structure with any interdependencies noted.
  • A written description demonstrating completeness of the decomposition
  • A written description of the decision process on why the decomposed structure was chosen.
  • A written description for each decomposed element of the system stating the knowledge and skills required to design and build that element.

Registration is still open. 2360 candidates already took part in Registration Survey. Are You interested?

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