Is Google’s New AI The Future?

Is Google’s New AI The Future?

What is Google’s new AI – Duplex?

Duplex is Google’s new AI, developed by their esteemed robotics team. They unveiled it recently and very soon everyone had heard about it, for both good and bad reasons. People have been talking about this bot non-stop ever since. It is an artificial intelligence and some people believe we have not seen anywhere near its full capability yet. The main ability of Google’s new AI, which it showed off at the launch, was the fact that it is able to make astonishingly human sounding phone calls. It is important to note that this was a pre-recorded demonstration but even still this was immensely impressive.

Obviously, Google used a decent chunk of their incredible capital to make this technology and it has so far blown people away. However with innovations like this people are always going to ask questions and a lot of the ones put forward on this matter seem to be valid. These include quite crucially is this fair to trick people into talking to an AI unknowingly particularly as it can also record all conversation had. Google has said that with their AI no one would talk to it without first being made aware they were not talking to a human.

As secretive as some sort of big companies like Google can be, imagine if some sort of scammer got their hands on this. It is even capable of producing noises as though it’s thinking, making it even further convincing. It is incredibly easy to picture anyone being fooled by this system.

Google has countered critics saying that the technology will slowly be rolled out into public use and is currently not available to the masses. They have not made it clear how they plan to get around some of the harder to navigate laws that certain places have, as there will be locations where it is illegal.

What is Google working on?

Google do typically stick to making AI instead of physical robots. People are not totally sure what Google plans to do with their seemingly nefarious new system. They state on their website that they are trying to improve robotics through machine learning and improve machine learning through robotics.

They commonly collaborate with other robotics and AI developers to try and mix the different sides to improve the overall product. They also say that right now they are attempting to teach robots to predict what will happen if they interact with objects.

They also share other creators inventions fairly often and if viewed as up to standard, they may actually incorporate it in with their own. Along with this, they have put out a couple of datasets to help other creators mimic their inventions, such as for robot arm grasping and pushing.

They appear to almost be treating the AIs as children, with many different courses for the algorithms to take, and even a multitude of different specialized teams, they clearly take it very seriously which may help extinguish certain fears of the AIs being dangerous in some way. Their list of “lessons” for the robots is quite extensive including basic things such as hand-eye coordination. These things may be extremely simple for us but for these AIs no matter how infinitely intelligent they may be, they’re just starting to learn.

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